Dictating to a Robot

It was strange. It was magical.

It was everything I thought it would be.

It was sometimes frustrating, sometimes elating, and even sometimes downright confusing. I couldn’t get her to center an image, but I could get her to put it on the page. She got sassy with me when I didn’t issue the right command, showing on her little instructional screen and (I’m certain) thinking it in a tween-ish voice with that characteristic rolling-eye attitude ,

“Next time just say Bold.

“Well, FINE, then.” *scoff* “Maybe next time I will.”

But through that trial our relationship has inevitably risen to a new level. Robot — aka my now affectionately named laptop — and I have bonded.

Yes, that’s right. We’re friends now.

I was talking to her and she was hearing my words and doing things I asked her to do. Sure, we had awkward moments — when she thought me asking her to create a new paragraph meant for her to type out “create a new paragraph” — but, overall, we dished out that one page of text like champions, give or take a few grammatical and syntactical errors.

And here is our result.


It took a little over an hour (and lots of backspacing... and some cheating with the mouse), but we did it, Robot! We totally made it work!

It took a little over an hour (and lots of backspacing… and some cheating with the mouse), but we did it, Robot! We totally made it work!


2 thoughts on “Dictating to a Robot

  1. Well done! I should learn dictation software too. Coincidently my phone accidentally started dictating a conversation I was having into a text message to a friend. Obviously it was operator error and I caught it in time. I also thought, “Oh cool. I should use that sometime.” It could be especially handy to keep eyes on our ever-active toddler.


    • Wow! Nice catch. Avoided a potentially embarrassing moment there! I had a friend who’s little two-year-old girl actually ended up sending a text of garble-de-gook to someone in her contacts! Luckily, it was a friend and not a client. Those toddlers! Cute little buggers, they are!


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