Overuse of That

Well said! In editing others’ work, I’ve found too many instances of that being used when it wasn’t necessary and, moreover, impaired reading.
I, too, find myself the victim of common mistakes. Omitting ‘that’ is my most recently acquired peeve.

Into the Sun

I have been busy the past couple of weeks editing my most recent novel. Every other form of reading and writing has been put on hold. It is not an enjoyable task for me and therefore I find I have to force myself to do it and eliminate other distractions. Things are going as they should be. Plenty of chocolate has been consumed. I think a study on how a  writer’s weight fluctuates depending on the type of work they are doing should be conducted.

I have in the past written of the trials and tribulations of editing my novels and in particular my own overuse of certain words. In the process of editing this particular novel, I have discovered yet another word I have to pay more attention to in the future.

The word that has several uses. It is a word I have taken for granted in the…

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