You’ve found it! This is the place where magic happens!

Ok. Maybe not real magic (I’m no Houdini), but literary magic. I’m talking curious scenarios, colorful descriptions, adventurous plots, and characters that are so real you’d swear they were sitting beside you reading, too.

This collection of shorts (and “works in progress” that are not-so-short) will be updated and added-to as time allows me. I may post chapter by chapter and, in some instances, I’ll allow readers to chime in and vote on a rehashed, online-quizzy version of those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books of yesteryear.

I’m a full-time wife and a part-time freelance writer. I work under my own company, Mountain Owl Ink, LLC, hatched not long ago in April 2013. Freelancing sounds like ponies and knights and tiaras and all kinds of fun (giddy-up!), but it’s actually very hard, strenuous, and often a painfully unpredictable line of work. I often wonder, after putting in bid after bid after bid for jobs and getting no responses and nothing to show for my effort, if I shouldn’t just hang my novel ideas out to dry and open up the classifieds to look for “real” employment.

Nobody likes to job hunt. Freelancing is job hunting weekly, if not daily. Such drudgery! And that can leave me feeling like I’ve lost sight of the reason WHY I wanted to be a writer in the first place. But, truly, I do love to write. I love the process of creation; I love the editing; I love the proofreading; I love telling people about things I’m passionate about; I love the characters coming to life in my head… in a way, it really IS all ponies and tiaras, if ponies and tiaras are really just metaphors for freedom and pretty words.

Yes: writing is my j-o-b (bleh), but I need to continuously remind myself that whenever I’ve held other jobs — like substitute teaching, or HR, or waitressing, or Retail Management — I’ve always hoped to be right here, where I am now, sitting at my desk, WRITING. It’s not glamorous in the least, but it’s what I love to do.

So, this page is my space to post my writing for people to read freely, so that I feel like I’m making some kind of valuable contribution to the lives of people I know and, hopefully, some I don’t know as well. Whether readers cry or laugh or are simply left feverishly annoyed that one of my a****le characters was even created in the first place, I want to get you feeling something. ANYTHING. I know stories can do that. It’s one of my deepest desires to tell stories that do that.

I want to leave you effected, and affected. I want to change you…. and leave you feeling something, too.

So, please, READ ON! Enjoy taking a dip into my writer’s brain, even if only for a quick poem, or a scene of a play, or (if you dare!) a more lengthy series of periodically-released chapters to a complete, yet-unreleased novel. I invite you to make suggestions, ask questions…. ask me why Gayla answered the door, or — for goodness sake! — why in the world would Andalen go into Ciricho alone?!?

Of course those names mean nothing to you. But I hope they will, eventually. Because they mean a lot to me.

Most Sincerely,


2 thoughts on “About

  1. We have a new rabbit rescue, and I’d love to use the text in you “8 things to know before buying a pet Easter bunny” article for a hand out. Would you mind if we used it? I hate just grabbing someone’s article and not giving credit. Since we are a new, small, private rescue, we have no funds for literature, and I was wondering if we could use it as a donation from you.


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