Life is some weird stuff.

I invite you to read some strange shorts, collectively titled Oddities, inspired by a mixture of odd dreams I sometimes have, daydreaming adventures, and little tidbits of imaginary nothings inspired by things I witness out in the world.

Some are quite long; others, very brief. Some may feel inconclusive. Still, I hope you enjoy the questionable realities they encapsulate, and that they might inspire in you some Oddities as well, because “the things that stand out are often the oddities” (Pierre Salinger), and doesn’t everyone want to stand out, in one way or another?

Marabelle – October 10, 2014. Originally written in 2005 as a classroom assignment, Marabelle is a quick peek into the mystery of a wandering homeless woman.

Justin Hugg – April 4, 2014. A silly poetic experience narrating the young adoration of a socially awkward boy named Justin.

The Barn – April 2, 2014. Travel through time through the “eyes” of an old barn in a developing rural area of the Midwest United States.

Some Kind of Dream – January 2, 2014. A narration of a strange and frightening dream.


Whatcha thinkin'? Let me know so I can hoot about it!

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