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Blurbs & Blogs: Nothing fancy here! Simply, my randomly occurring thoughts ranging from health to food to spirituality to business. You never know what the owl might bring!



LeMieuxLe Mieux (COMIC STRIP): He may just be the best artist around, yet no one appreciates his natural talent (least of all his human). Well, it’s about time to make everyone take notice! With his unwilling sidekick, Bunny, a rational and unsocial rabbit misidentified by his owner as a female, Le Mieux tries, tries, and tries again to prove to the world that he is a cat worth adoring with talents worth remembering.

Published weekly, Wednesdays, as able.

1958: A small-town Arkansan story, from a boy’s perspective, about the social-political changes of the time.

Adeline: Young Adeline, nannied by a mourning dove named Belle, is left to her own devices as her father is off manning the lumber mill. She interacts with an array of colorful characters–some friends, others not so friendly–who are vague in their assistance in untangling the mystery revolving around her deceased mother. Travel with Adeline in a magical land of singing scarecrows, centaurs, and Abominable Snowpeople as she learns the truth behind the old legend about the “giant pool of metallic death” called Mercury Lake. Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4

Pebbles in a Stream (IN PROGRESS): Twenty-three year old Gayla Masterson escaped to her mother’s country home for relief from the depression of the bustling city only to find that her husband-to-be, Amrid, ran off with her immature yet full-bosomed ex-friend, Cherie Palmer. An enraged Mr. Palmer, both stern farmer and wealthy father to the eloped Cherie, accuses Gayla of being the reason for his daughter’s misbehavior. He demands she find where his daughter is and ‘rescue’ her from the wandering intentions of an indecisive Amrid. With her younger sister staying for the summer and her mother nowhere to be found, Gayla has to deliberately force herself out of love while trying to uncover Amrid’s true intentions and, above all, keep from getting into even deeper trouble with a hot-headed Mr. Palmer and his hatchet men.

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4 Part 5Part 6Part 7Part 8Part 9 — Part 10

Oddities: A collection of shorts inspired by any number of muses.


Letters to Me: A collection of letters, reflections, and thoughts written by my younger self and stashed away to be found by my future, older, current me. Unedited and typed as written, these private messages were never intended to be shared with the public.

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