A Good Guess.

Mieux guesses what Bunny got him for Christmas.

A Good Guess. December 25, 2017.


Santa Cat.

Phil takes advantage of the kittens' holiday excitement.

Santa Cat. December 06, 2017.

The Right Fit.

Mieux interviews a candidate for the part of Santa Cat.

The Right Fit. November 29, 2017.


Thankful for…

The animals give thanks.

Thankful for… Nov 22, 2017.


Not A Chance! (#Throwback2014)

#Flashback to 2014! Mieux gets nervous about the change in weather.

Not A Chance! Nov 13, 2014.


Identity Swap.

Mieux is excited about the costumes he made for Phil and Bunny.

Identity Swap. October 18, 2017.


Supremo Protection.

Mieux and Phil purchase goods from Gata to protect themselves from autumn.

Supremo Protection. September 20, 2017.


The Paint Whisperer.

Mieux tries to be attentive to his art supplies' needs.

The Paint Whisperer. September 6, 2017.


Dizzy Kitty.

Mieux's world is turned upside-down during a painting episode.

Dizzy Kitty. July 19, 2017.


Pastries for Liberty!

Phil joins Mieux in celebrating French National Day.

Pastries for Liberty! July 12, 2017.