Mountain Owl thought on Mountain Man

Hubby and I watch “Duck Dynasty” every once in a while. And, every once in a while, Mountain Man shows up.

I love that guy.

Next to Jase (who gets additional cool points for being a middle child, like me), Mountain Man (real name Tim Guraedy) is my favorite figure in the show.

Not only does he talk slow and thoughtfully, but he’s resourceful and can hammer out a beautiful wedding arch like no tomorrow. At least, way better than Willie can.

Odd folks tend to be the butt of the joke.

But what if the joke’s on us?

Every time Mountain Man appears on the show he’s teased for moving and talking ridiculously slow. Granted, I laugh, too, but the whole thing got me wondering about something pretty darn important. So much so that, ever since I watched the Til Duck Do Us Part episode, I’ve wanted to create the following meme:

Image derived from the Travel Arkansas website ( (c) 2014

This holiday, take it slow.

Maybe not Mountain Man slow, but slow-er. Rushing like Willie did, trying to get it all done and get it all in before the sun goes down, isn’t always the best way to go.

Enjoy the little things. Enjoy the journey, the talk, and the discovery. Enjoy life, not by rushing through it and trying to get to everything, but by slowing down and trying to get everything out of “it”, whatever it happens to be.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone.

-Jessi MOI.

(I promised myself I’d keep this post short… 😉  )